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The Fully Charged Podcast

Apr 26, 2023

In this episode Robert talks with the Fully Charged Show’s CEO Dan Caesar about the relentless positive growth of the clean energy and electrification sector, as well as how best to challenge Greenwashing and some fresh developments in battery technologies.

But more importantly, they reveal details of what visitors...

Apr 24, 2023

In this episode Robert talks with Gill Nowell, Head of Electric Vehicle Communications at ElectriX, and Jon Burdekin, an independent fleet consultant, about the benefits of getting individuals and businesses into EVs sooner rather than later.

Apr 17, 2023

In this episode Robert talks with Lauren Pamma about her introduction to EVs, the power of fleet electrification, the importance of building robust charging infrastructure, and her work with Government to improve and accelerate the electrification of transport.

Lauren Pamma is a leading expert in renewable energy...

Apr 3, 2023

Robert is joined this week by Eytan Lenko, technology entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor focused on climate solutions and CEO of Boundless Earth. Taking Robert through the reasons why he sees Australia becoming a global energy superpower by 2030, Eytan also reveals his tech development approach to problems and...