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The Fully Charged Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

Helen Talks to Robert Gross a professor of energy, technology & policy at Imperial College, London and director of the UK Energy Research Centre. They discuss the recent G7 Summit and future significant environment plans, the importance of phasing out coal and the alternatives for country’s that burn the most coal...

Jun 21, 2021

Energy transition specialist, Simon Holmes a Court drops by the podcast this week for some fascinating Australia based chat. Simon discusses his own work particularly in the solar and wind farm arena. Robert and Simon also chat Solar panel placement, lithium being mined in Austrailia and can Austrailia stop ever...

Jun 14, 2021

Robert talks to former Formula One racing driver Nico Rosberg about his interest in sustainable technology’s as well as Extreme E, Eco ships and Flying taxis as well as a small ramble about Youtube and content creation.



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Jun 7, 2021

Alex Voigt drops back into the podcast for a second instalment of great conversation. This week’s topics include Tesla, Elon Musk, VW, The german government, autonomous cars, broadband in rural Germany, the dangers of hydrogen fuel and much more.



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Jun 1, 2021

We first met Jordan and Lee the founders of MyEnergi 4 years ago and now they have exploded into a European force. Listen/watch how Jordan has guided the business into becoming one of the biggest smart chargers in the business.



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